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Birding Adventures TV [July, 2011]
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Tandayapa Bird Lodge, Ecuador
"Tandayapa is certainly not to be missed on any trip to Ecuador. This spectacular lodge is ideally situated in a region that is famous for its Choco endemics(birds that are only found in northwest Ecuador and southwest Colombia). Special birds like Giant Antpitta, Toucan Barbet and Ocellated Tapaculo are regularly sighted close to the lodge and the exceptional hummingbird feeders attract hummers of all shapes and sizes. To top it all off the service and food make for an unforgettable overall birding experience"

James Currie, Nikon's BATV host
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"I love this show. I DVR every episode. I especially enjoy the ones that I may never get a chance to see. It gives me an opportunity to "travel" and see and learn things that I could never do on my own. My 3 year old daughter watches the show with me and I am trying to have her learn about birds and nature, so we love the show. Thanks so much for bringing birding to mass audiences." Susan, Utah

"This is a serious show for those who enjoy adventure, all around the world. I am still in my PJ's while I eat my breakfast and travel with James on "Birding Adventures" that truly take my breath away. I have already created a dream list of places to visit inspired by your shows. Even if you are not a birder-"Birding Adventures" is for you! Between canopying in Costa Rica, or air-boating in Texas, I feel inspired every weekend. Love you guys, thanks!" Hannah, Georgia


Welcome to our July edition of the Nikon's BATV newsletter!

Season 3 of Nikon's BATV has now completed airing on Versus/NBC Sports. We featured some exciting and exotic destinations like Jamaica, Belize, Ecuador and Texas. Re-runs of Season 3 continue to be aired the entire year on our other TV networks. We are now filming Season 4 and upcoming destinations include a 3-part series on Colombia, The Hummingbird Festival from Rockport Texas, Hawk Mountain Pennsylvania and much more. So stay tuned for future details on our filming adventures across the US and the globe.

Our featured episode for this month is the manakins and mixed flocks of Ecuador. Please read below for more information. 

Club-winged Manakin
Club-winged Manakin by Nick Athanas

All the recent BATV shows are available on our Facebook page after they have been released on TV so check back with us often on Facebook!

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Marvelous Manakins
The manakin family is one of the most interesting and highly sought-after families of birds. We recently filmed a 4-part series with Tropical Birding in Ecuador. Two particular species of manakins that we featured were the bizarre Club-winged Manakin and the peculiar White-bearded Manakin. 

Both these birds engage in an elaborate mating display where the males produce strange noises from their wings to attract females. The Club-winged Manakin in particular produces one of the weirdest sounds in the bird world and scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how the bird does it.

Watch the full episode below to learn more about these fascinating birds.
Marvelous Manakins
Marvelous Manakins



Our new 4th season premieres on NBC December 26 2011 and runs through to end of June 2012. Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for more details.

If you do not get VERSUS try find us on R&R TV and Untamed Sports 
Stay tuned for more adventures in the world of birding. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at


Happy Birding,

James Currie
Birding Adventures TV 



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