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Birding Adventures TV [May, 2011]
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Destination of the Month 
Hotel MockingbirdHill, Jamaica
"Hotel MockingbirdHill is the ideal birder-friendly lodge. Located in the very best part of Jamaica, the hotel is situated close to many of the top birding sites and the grounds are home to Jamaican Owls and Black-billed Streamertails. With stunning vistas, 5-star meals and good birds, this place is paradise!"

James Currie, Nikon's BATV host
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Welcome to our May edition of the Nikon's BATV newsletter!


We have just returned from a very successful filming trip to Jamaica where we managed to film all 28 of the island's endemic bird species. Highlights were filming Jamaican Owl and a fledgling, Northern Potoo and stunning footage of the shy and elusive Crested Quail-dove. See below for more information.

I love birding in my home state of Florida so please excuse this shameless punt for one of our long-time sponsors! The Great Florida Birding Trail has a new name! The program is now called the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail (GFBWT) to reflect FWC's growing emphasis on promoting Florida's other amazing wildlife watching opportunities. The 2,000-mile GFBWT links nearly 500 outstanding destinations around the state-from world-renowned to hidden gems. A new, expanded guidebook for the Trail's Panhandle section is now available, and one for the East section is coming soon. Check out the new GFBWT merchandise on the Wildlife Foundation of Florida's website. The Trail's road signs will remain unchanged, and the website address remains the same. If you haven't birded Florida yet, get here and follow the trail!!

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Whistling Duck
Jamaica is one of the top island birding destinations. The third largest island in the Caribbean, this magical destination is home to 28 species of birds found nowhere else in the world!

Besides the unique endemics, most of the Caribbean endemics are also well represented here with specialties like West Indian Whistling Duck, Stolid Flycatcher and Bahama Mockingbird. We managed to film all 28 of Jamaica's endemic birds and all of the Caribbean endemics in just 10 days so birding on the island can be very productive. 

From the 7,400 ft Blue Mountains, to the mangrove swamps of the south, to the arid scrub of the Hellshire Hills, to the wet limestone forests of the Cockpit Country, there is certainly no shortage of habitat variety. Besides a few elusive species, most of the birds are very easy to see and require minimal effort. Perhaps most surprising is the food. I've never eaten so well on a birding trip and delicacies like jerked pork, freshwater mussels and freshwater crayfish are not to be missed.

Watch out for our upcoming Jamaica shows and plan your next trip to this great island. 


Tues 3rd May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 7th May 7.00 am EST 
Red-footed Boobies and Magnificent Frigates of Belize

Tues 10th May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 14th May 7.00 am EST
The Hummingbirds of Tandayapa, Ecuador

Tues 17th May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 21st May 7.00 am EST 
The Antpittas of Ecuador

Tues 24th May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 28th May 7.00 am EST
Jamaican Owls and other endemics of Jamaica

Tues 31st May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 4th June 7.00 am EST
The Hummingbirds of Jamaica

If you do not get VERSUS try find us on R&R TV and Untamed Sports 
Stay tuned for more adventures into the world of birding. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at


Happy Birding,

James Currie
Birding Adventures TV 



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