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Birding Adventures TV [April, 2011]
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Destination of the Month 
Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador
"Tandayapa has got to be one of the best places in the world to see hummingbirds. Its not unusual to see over 30 different species within a short drive of the lodge. Situated close to top birding sites like Angel Paz, Tandayapa is uniquely situated to offer the very best of birding in Ecuador. Day-trips from the lodge with Tropical Birding are really productive."

James Currie, Nikon's BATV host
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Welcome to our April edition of the Nikon's BATV newsletter!


The Nikon's BATV crew has just returned from a most successful filming trip to Ecuador with Tropical Birding. It goes without saying that Ecuador ranks right at the top with the best birding destinations on the planet. From antpittas to mountain-toucans and everything in between, our upcoming episodes on this spectacular birding country are not to be missed. The first episode will air in April so check our schedule below for more info.

On April 11 we head down to Jamaica to feature the excellent endemic birding of this famous island so watch out for these upcoming episodes towards the end of the season.

Other news is that Versus is now owned by NBC, a great win for Nikon's BATV. See more info below.

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Great news for Nikon's BATV fans is that VERSUS is now part of the NBC Sports Group.

VERSUS, part of the NBC Sports Group, prides itself on super-serving passionate sports fans across all platforms (, VERSUS on Demand and VERSUS HD).  Now in more than 75 million homes, the network is the cable television home of the National Hockey League (NHL), IZOD IndyCar Series, Tour de France and Professional Bull Riders (PBR).  VERSUS also airs NASCAR, NBA, UFC, college football and college basketball programming.  The network is home to the best outdoor programming on television and airs original programs not available anywhere else. VERSUS is distributed via cable systems and satellite operators throughout the United States.


Tues 29th March 12.30 pm EST; Sat 2nd April 7.00 am EST
Least Terns and Guianan Toucanets

Tues 5th April 12.30 pm EST; Sat 9th April 7.00 am EST 
Red-crowned Parrots of the Rio Grande

Tues 11th April 12.30 pm EST; Sat 16th April 7.00 am EST
Red-footed Boobies and Magnificent Frigates of Belize

Tues 19th April 12.30 pm EST; Sat 23rd April 7.00 am EST
The Hummingbirds of Tandayapa, Ecuador

Tues 26th April 12.30 pm EST; Sat 30th April 7.00 am EST 
The Antpittas of Ecuador

Tues 3rd May 12.30 pm EST; Sat 7th May 7.00 am EST 
Red-footed Boobies and Magnificent Frigates of Belize

If you do not get VERSUS try find us on R&R TV (Channel 354 DirecTV) and Untamed Sports
Stay tuned for more adventures into the world of birding. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at


Happy Birding,

James Currie
Birding Adventures TV 



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