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Selva Verde Lodge, Costa Rica
Sunbittern wings
"One of the only birding destinations in the world where you can see Sunbitterns and Great Green Macaws along with a whole host of other birds. The guides and staff are fantastic!"
James Currie, Nikon's BATV host
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Sat 19th Feb 7.00 am EST
Green Jays of the Rio Grande Valley

Tues 22nd Feb 12.30 pm EST; Sat 26th Feb 7.00 am EST 
Red-crowned Parrots of the Rio Grande

Tues 1st March 12.30 pm EST; Sat 5th March 7.00 am EST
Ridgway's Hawk of the Dominican Republic

Tues 8th March 12.30 pm EST; Sat 12th March 7.00 am EST
Aplomado Falcons of the Rio Grande Valley

Tues 15th March 12.30 pm EST; Sat 19th March 7.00 am EST 
Great Green Macaws of Costa Rica

Tues 22nd March 12.30 pm EST; Sat 26th March 7.00 am EST 
Green Jays of the Rio Grande Valley

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