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Seasons Greetings to all our wonderful Nikon's BATV fans. Its been a busy year. And we look forward to an even busier year next year as we enter Season 5.
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BirdCamTake bird watching to a new level… for backyard birding and beyond!

Whether you’re a serious birder or just curious about backyard birding, you’ll love using the Wingscapes BirdCam to capture digital bird photography and bird videos. Weatherproof, motion-activated and easy to use, this revolutionary bird feeder camera will enhance your backyard bird watching experience.

A new way to enjoy bird watching

The Wingscapes BirdCam makes it easy to monitor a bird feeder or bird house. Easy enough for beginning users but flexible enough to work in a variety of conditions, this innovative bird camera delivers impressive bird photography every time. You’ll never look at your backyard birds in the same way

How does the BirdCam work?

The BirdCam is a weatherproof, motion-activated bird camera designed specifically for birding. While the BirdCam is flexible tool with advanced features, Wingscapes designed it to be very easy to use within minutes of unpacking. Simply aim the BirdCam wherever a bird will land and leave it outside. While you’re away, the BirdCam's infrared sensor watches for bird activity. When activity is detected, the BirdCam automatically takes digital photos, videos or a combination of the two (depending on how it is programmed by the user).

Advanced BirdCam features

The BirdCam has advanced features that expand your bird photography options. In addition to the motion-sensitive mode described above (referred to as AUTO mode), the BirdCam can take digital photos or videos at a specific time interval (TIMELAPSE mode) or be used as a regular digital camera (MANUAL mode). An included remote control allows you to trigger the BirdCam manually from up to 30 feet away.
The Setup menu includes "EASY" photo and video programs which will handle most backyard applications. For users who want more control, the Setup menu lets you program Photo or Video, Photo Resolution, Delay, Number of Images per Event, Time/Date/Location imprint, Sensitivity of the infrared sensor, Erase Images and Diagnostic Test. These controls provide flexibility that is helpful when using the BirdCam for different types of bird photography.


Photo Format JPG files, High 2048x1536, Med 1328x996, Low 640x480
Video Format AVI files, 640x480, 10sec@10fps
Image Output USB Out, TV Out, and SD card (optional)
Operational Modes AUTO, MANUAL, or TIMELAPSE (Remote Control works in all modes)
Built-in Memory 32 MB
Memory Card Up to 4 GB, with SD Card (optional)
Auto Timelapse Delay Variable: No Delay, 30sec, 1/2/5/10/20/30/45min, 1/4/6hr, Daily
Lens Field of View 52 degrees (~ 46mm focal length in film camera)
Focus 18 inches - infinity
Power Supply 4 D-cell Batteries or optional AC adapter
Camera Weight with batteries - 2lbs.7oz; without batteries – 1lb.4oz
Dimensions 9" H x 3 5/8" D x 5 1/2" W
Optional Accessories Mounting Arm, Indoor AC Power adapter
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